Roll forming is a continuous forming process which takes spools of flat metal and creates products with a constant cross-section known as profiles.

Roll forming can be considered as continuous folding. During the process, the flat metal is folded by a number of heads using progressive, plastic folding to achieve the desired angles and shape.
An installed base comprising around forty roll forming lines, capable of forming materials up to 1500 MPa with up to 40 operations.
Various operations are performed in line, including induction, laser or resistance welding.
Our machines are also capable of performing in-line bending of profiles with constant bend radius.
  • Roll forming line
  • Roll forming line spool
  • Beam (impact absorption)
  • Ceiling stiffener (white body parts)
  • Sliding side door (opening part)


Bending of profiles by elongation involves giving the profile a progressive change of direction or simply a curved shape, while preserving its initial cross-section.
Profiles may be bent in two dimensions, i.e. in a single plane, or in three dimensions, i.e. two bending planes.

The installed base consists of around 80 bending machines.
  • Bending unit
  • Door frame (opening)
  • Door frame (opening)

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