The Group focuses its innovative drive on both industrial facilities and products, always keeping performance in mind.

Our solutions involve:
Process enhancements, with welding, clinching, tapping, and so on incorporated into the press and roll forming dies.
Development of facilities and tools suitable for working with new materials, including steels > 1500 MPa, butt-welded reels, and so on, in conjunction with steel metallurgists.
Development of industrial standards for all the Group?s specialities.

Product innovation in:

  • the design of components for automobile manufacturers, such as:
  • dashboard beams and the use of edged tubes,
  • sliding door mechanisms and rails, with solutions invisible from the outside of the vehicle,
  • UHSS shock absorption systems for stiffeners, impact beams, and so on.
  • etc.

Product redesign through technological change:

  • moulded steel or aluminium parts replaced by stamped parts,
  • welded nuts replaced by captive assemblies.


VILLEPINTE: All stamped parts, white body parts, structural parts, body liaison, engine environment, thermal.
POISSY: All profile products and mechanisms.
LES ACHARDS: Design and production of dies.

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